Thursday, October 14, 2004


Filipino Play today! This would be the last activity for the sem.

Woke up at around 8:00am. The practice was scheduled at 12:00pm so I still had some time to waste. I just played some games hehe instead of memorizing lines damn.

Went to ateneo. Had some line reading again hehe. Now I guess I can be honest. I havent memorized my lines when I attended the practice. I just got the main ideas of the script. Good thing I was able to finally memorize them during the practice runs.

Then it was nearly show time hehe. We went to the boys cr with micho and crissy ahaha since they were the hair and make up artists. I had some trouble with my hair since they didn't know how to style it, in the end I just put some gel on it hehe damn haven't used that in a long time. The work on Chris and Khristian were great! haha they really looked like gays ahaha.


The first group was cool. Neat props, neat equipment, nice lines. Haha the second group was a bit hmm non mainstream ahaha. The portrayal of Micci was great. And Anje's dance steps was the show stealer! ahahaha Then came our group ahaha. Khristian played his role extremely well! Chris did too! and I guess I did some justice to mine as well... hehe

I guess the group did great. Although I stumbled in a part of my line it was still ok. As I expected the best actor award went to Khristian. The best actress went to micci hah (I thought it would go to Anje) and the Best Play went to the second gorup (I thought it would go to us). I guess I really expected the best play award to go to us ahaha. Maybe it natural since I belong to that group so I rooted for it.

Anywayz after that mr. morano said a short speech and with its end came the semester's end as well!

After that I joined with some members of the block who went to Kublai's to eat ahaha. I rode with Euric in his Crv. We were pretty cramped there with 7 people (including driver) trying to fit in in the 2 rows (the third row was filled with stuff). We arrived in Kublai's. There were quite a number of us there. Hehe Me,Chris, Aidz, Khristian, Lace, Vanjo, Euric, Chino, Ralph, Miah, Barbie, Kathy, Rhea, Nikki, Micci, Deneb and Anje (17 of us). I guess you could count Michelle Castellano too hehe (which makes 18, more than half of the block). The food was great, the beer tasted too "watery", the ice tea was bottomless and the talking about a whole lot of stuff (girls, Clubs, Love, Girls...) was great! We didn't leave at the same time though. 6 (Euric, Vanjo, Miah, Chino, Me and Ralph) remained in Kublai's after everyone left. Anywayz we hitched a ride with Euric to mcdonalds and then got a cab there.

I learned a lot of things about myself and my blockmates from that night:
I learned that
I can act a bit.
Khristian can act as a gay very well
Chris looks like a jpop singer when he has make up.
Richmond does good on projects.
Micci turns red due to beer quickly (not even a glass)
I should join Euric when he goes Clubbin'
Ralph has a cool mind
Micho always wanted to "tease" someone else's hair
Crissy can teach others how to be like her.
Anje can dance
Lace owns a really cool flashlight
Deneb can be emotional about the play.
Rhea drinks San Mig strong ice
Barbie "nose" where Santa is (WAHAHA, I'm mean)
James and Kathy are 16 turning 17 on January, (not 15 turning 16 as I stupidly thought before)
Where Kublai's is located.
Where Kublai's CR's are located.
a lot of other things...
but the greatest thing I learned that night: "it's bushy"

I guess Mr. Morano was succesful in his goal. He told us that he just wanted something that would be remembered by us. And I'm pretty sure I won't forget about tonight.

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