Thursday, October 07, 2004

The end is coming...

Wow I was actually early for math today hehe...

The math class started with the teacher's evaluation thingie. Well the scores I gave were a bit high ehehe. I guess for this semester Mr. Robert Briones was my favorite teacher. Anywayz, I actually listened during the class hehe. The lesson was kinda easy so I guess I'll do ok for the finals and the long test on saturday rarr. When the class was about to finish Mr. Briones said something like "Ok, that's the last example for the sem. Thanks for the semester." And then it kinda hit me: The end is coming...

Now Im quite a sentimental fool. Im someone who can't really let go of things that easy. I was kinda hmm shall i say sad, about that being our final math class hehe. In a way I guess it shows that I havent really let go of being a high school guy. Since in High School, you get to stay with the teacher for the whole school year.

After math I went to the RSF. First I just downloaded some music and emailed them to me but then I got kinda embarassed with using a computer for a non academic purpose so I just did my research paper. I guess it shows that I dont trust my partner that much since I still went ahead and did something on it. I just hope that he does his work so that what we will submit is the joint project instead of the one I alone did.

Then filipino class. It was kinda fun watching the short films hehe. Sir seemed to be in a pretty jolly mood so the class was fun.

After that I went home. I was on the megatren station when I met Brian. We were talking for about 10 minutes already when the train finally came. But then something was wrong with the train. The doors were not opening even if the train was already there. So we asked the guard what happened and he said that the train breaked late so it went over the station ehehe. For some reason it took around 10 minutes for the train to reverse so more talk for Brian and I.

When I reached the house. I just continued the song downloads and then I slept. hehe I woke up to awtch Hungry Heart and Detective School Q and then continued the song downloads ahaha oh well. Im trying to relax before the finals come.

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