Monday, October 11, 2004

First Finals appearance...

Darn I can't believe I woke up early for tests...

Ok woke up at around 6:15 am today since I have my physics finals, 7:30. Hehe was in ateneo around 7:00. I was planning to eat at mcdonalds but then I got too lazy.

The physics test was easy. Haha maybe because it was multiple choice hahaha. Then there was a 5 point bonus if you can write a funny joke! hahaha SAN KA PA??? haha thanks ma'm!

The lit test was next. Though it was scheduled at 9:30, Sir arrived late so we took the test at around 10:00 already. Hehe not that hard but it aint easy either. The thingie about the literature under edsa was ok, ahaha good thing i read the book, then there was this short story that I had already read before. I remember reading it during physics class when I borrowed butch's book hehehee.

Oh well. Math is on wednesday! Bring it on!

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