Sunday, October 17, 2004

Green Green

Sundays hehe.

Went to mass. I was late again bu well not that late ahaha.

After it, I was supposed to buy sims 2 but then the storekeeper told me that it won't run in windows 98 so I didn't buy hehe.

I went to the anime vcd shop instead, I was looking at the cd's and saw "Green, Green". I remember Butch told me that it was kinda nice so I bought the series.

At home I watched the first 2 cd's hehe it was kinda cool. Somewhat like a more mature golden boy ahaha.

Then I played some games. I was supposed to watch the rest of the cd's but then I realized that the cd's contained doubles of some episodes. hehe So that means I have to return it tomorrow damn.

Glacial Love

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