Monday, October 04, 2004


Two more weeks hehehe...

Woke up at around 8 today. I guess my sleeping time's more flexible since I dont have english class anymore hehe. Arrived in Ateneo at around 9:10. I bought some pasta for breakfast from the Blue and Gold Caf.

Lit was just a group discussion on a story. A lot of us in the group haven't read the story so we read it there. That took up most of our time ehehe.

Was on the way to Bel to look at my finals exam schedule when I met Hans. He asked me if I already have my Exam Permit. I said no and he told me where to get it. So I lined up and got it aahaha. Didn't really take long. Just around 8 minutes I guess. After that I continued my walk to bel to look at my sched. Kinda frustarting that I have a Physics Final exam scheduled 7:30 on a monday rarr.

Physics class was next. I wasnt really listening to the reports. I was just playing some games on nikki's and lace's cell fones. Oh well, i guess that's the problem with handouts ahaha...

Went home right after the class. I wanted to work on all my requirements today.

First was the Body for the English Research. I just worked on a part of it just the family part hehe. I'll finish the rest of it tomorrow or on wednesday. After that was Filipino. I didnt know when the deadline of the paper was, So it's good to do it now. Then the Lit question was next ehehe. It should have been over faster but then I was playing Tony Hawk UnderGround for the GBA so it was quite difficult to focus on my works. ehehe

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