Friday, October 08, 2004


Darn even if its friday i still can't relax since I'll have a math test tomorrow.

I went to ateneo pretty early since today is a consultation day for english. I just bought some cookies and then went to the library to read the book Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino by Bob Ong. I guess I was reading for about an hour when I decided to go to delacosta for the consultation.

Arvi was a little late but it was ok since the consultation period was late too hehe. Good thing it was free cut in lit. Anywayz the paper was ok hehe. I was also quite pleased that I got an A in my feature article paper.

Then went back to the library to finish the book hehe. It was ok, not really as funny as his two other books since it was more serious and focused on Filipino Pride.

Went to Berch to empty my locker. Kinda lucky since I was also able to see my random number hehe. I'm 140 i guess it's ok, not that far but not too early too :)

The last Physics lecture was oh well boring as usual hehe. I was reading the schoolpaper instead of the review questions ehehe. The lab class was very challenging. I dont think we did well ahaha darn.

I stayed in Ateneo since I was supposed to have a 4:30 meeting with Sir Morano and my groupmates. But then Sir Morano did not show up so oh well I just decided to go home.

I was near starbucks when someone called out my name. Turned out it was Mica hehe. Chatted for about an hour with her and her friend. Hehe Went home afterwards.

Home: Just watched some tv and tried to study. While I was studying ( I guess it was around 10:35) the ground shook hehehe. I guess it lasted for about a minute. I thought that it was just me but then my aunt asked If I felt the earthquake hehe. Because of that I stopped studyin ahahaah. You never know it might be the end of the world and I dont want to say that the last thing i did was study (haha nice try, im just lazy :P). Oh well, the test is scheduled at 3 pm tomorrow so I'll do the studying tomorrow morning.

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