Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Homestretch...

Damn wha happened this morning was frustrating hehe...

I went to school at around 9:30 kinda late since I didnt have english. I went to school for the group presentation in Literature. Now Literature was my only class for that day. I was supposed to cut it but then the group might get into some problems if I didnt show up, so I went to class. Then, Mr. Remoto didn't go to class meaning it was a free cut rarr!!! I went to school for nothing.

So I just hanged around in ateneo for a while. Just talked with Tracy and Jace for about a half-hour and then left. Btw, Tracy treated us to turon hehe so thanks tracy.

Went home and decided to finish the research paper in english. I wasn't able to do anything when I first started since I was distracted by games hehe. So I played Tony Hawk Underground until I finish it so that there would be no more distratctions hehe.

It kinda worked, I was able to finish about 2/3 of the body already. As of this writing I'm 2 paragraphs away from completion hehe...

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