Friday, October 29, 2004


It's 2:09am and Im still awake.

Im sleepy but I don't want to sleep yet. I was chatting with Charmy around 20 minutes ago but she has disconnected now. There's only one person active in my ym list and it's Micki, I guess I'll talk to her.

Im Just soundtrippin here. Kinda amusing to here the varied types of music I have in my collection. There are Jpop/Jrock, Kpop/Krock, Cpop, Ballads, Rock, Dance, Trance, Hip Hop and even classical pieces ahaha. (Music Now: Sung Si Kyung - Forever With You)

As I ended the 2nd paragraph, Jomie went online hehe damn this is really boring aahahah

I Guess I should sleep now, Im goin to galle to buy my sim card and somethin else ahaha. Or maybe I would check gamespot first before I sleep...

(Checks Gamespot) Hmm this takes a long loading time rarr... (Music Now: Alicia Keys - If I aint got you) (still waiting) I wonder if Nba Live 2005 for the Pc would be at the stores tomrrow... (Music Now: Rurouni Kenshin OST - Fourth Avenue Cafe) Finished reading reviews for Saga of Ryzom and Atlantis Evolution sounds like both are sucky games...(Jomie disconnected) Started reading the Scarpland Designer interview nah too crappy nevermind, (Music: Changin My Life - New Future) Now looked at the preview for Nexus- Jupiter thingie seems like a colony wars type game. Now waiting for pages to load... oh damn too slow im closing them now ahaha

And that my friends is what boredom can do to you (Micki just disconnected darn) (Music Now: Fin.K.l. - Forever Love)

Glacial Love
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Fin.k.l. - Forever Love

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