Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Im bored damn

I decided to watch the lord of the rings vcds today. I have only watched the first one and i had always wanted to watch the remaining 2 but then I just didnt have the time.

I watched two towers first hehe. It was great, I really like medieval style large scale battles with knights, dragons catapults archers and everything ahaha. I do get bored with the frodo and sam scenes though wahahaha.

After two towers I rested a bit, I slept ahaha. Im getting a lot of sleep these days. I guess I'm trying to make up for lost sleep during the 1st sem ahaha.

Then I watched some tv. Im really starting to like the Hungry heart series ahaha.

After watching some anime. I went back to the computer to watch the return of the king hehe. Same as above, great large scale battles, but the frodo, sam and smeagol scenes are a bit hmm boring ahaha.

hmm i think the two towers and return of the king lasted about 3 hours each hahaa. So i guess I spent 1/4 of the day watching lord of the rings oh welpz hehe.

Oh by the way, happy bday powee!

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