Monday, October 25, 2004

2nd (Sem) Beginning

Woke up early to get my grades.

I thought I got up too early so I just burned an mp3 cd hehe. Just in case I had to wait very long. At least I'll have something to listen to.

Getting my grades and regform was over pretty quick. Except that there were no Physics Lab and Lecture grades. So I had to go to the Physics Department Secretary to get mine. Luckily I was early since the Secretary told me that I should get mine by 9:30 while she told the others to get theirs after lunch.

Here are My Grades:
Subject: Descriptive Title: Grade: Units:
EN 11 Communication in English B 3
LIT 13 Introduction to Fiction C+ 3
FIL 11 Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan sa Filipino B 3
PS 1 Introductory Physics 1, Lecture B 3
PS 2 Introductory Physics 1, Laboratory B 1
Ma 11 Modern Mathematics 1 C+ 3
PE 116 Volleyball C+ 3

Semestral QPI: 2.81

I guess I deserve the grades I got except for EN 11 which was lower than what I expected since I thought I did pretty good in the papers. oh well

I saw my schedule too. I don't like it since I have to go to school everyday at 7:30 damn. My Sched's pretty much the same except that the latest class for me is 1:30pm everyday except for friday (nat sci lab). Well there Nstp so damn ahaha. Im gonna try my best to choose a pe that won't make me stay in school very late.

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