Saturday, October 02, 2004


Saturday hehe cool I really need the rest.

Basically I just played computer games the whole day.

First I finished Astro Boy: Omega Factor for gba hehe. It really is a great game. I guess it does deserve the 9.2 grade that it got from Gamespot.

Then After that I just watched some tv. I watched the all star events for the uaap-ncaa. Too bad the Ateneo-La Salle-Ue-Adamson Connection lost to their ncaa counterparts. hehe if only Tenorio was there oh welpz.

Then I played some text twist ahaha. I guess I played for about an hour and then I realized that I had already beaten my previous high score of 34000+ points hehe. But this new high score cannot compare to the high score of the scope boys done in the lsgh library hehehe.

Now, I'm playing Tony Hawk Underground ahaha. Damn this is also a pretty good game. So enough blogging and continue playing. hehe

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