Sunday, October 24, 2004

Gloomy Sunday

Woke up really early today even if i Slept quite late...

It aint really gloomy, but if you wake up at 5 am the day's so dark and it's like there are no people around ahaha.

Watched some tv. I saw that AXN was showing A Knight's Tale So I watched it ahaha. I remember that the first time saw this movie was in Sir Cheto's Cl class ahaha. Well cool film ahaha

After that I went to mass, I was actually early for the mass this time wahahah yes!
Then bought some blank cds so that I can back up my mp3 files.

When I got home I was too lazy so I just postponed the back up of the songs, and Im going to download some other songs anyway so at least they would be included already in the back up cd.

Then chatted with people ahaha. Then got too lazy chatting so I asked Sara if she wanted to talk on the fone. then talked on the fone with her. Had fun talkin bout a whole lot of stuff.

Anywayz gotta sleep early today, I need to wake up early so that I can go to ateneo and get my grades without that much people

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