Friday, October 22, 2004

Doll Master

Went to Gale today (again) (hmm movie title for blog title again too hehe)

When I arriced in the mall I played at the arcade first since I thought I still had time ehehe turns out Alden, Cat and Da were already in IM (meeting place) hehe. On the way to IM i met my blockmate Micho. La lang

So I chatted with the guys in im while waiting for the others to come. Then pat, mica, angela, and pj came. While waiting for Ishi I saw a familiar face but I couldn't remember the name. Pat told me it was Chatc hehe someone I met on a soiree. Then we found out Ishi didn't have transpo so Alden and Pat went to fetch her. I separated from the group to look at somethin.

Went to Comic Alley. Searched for some soundtracks but then they didnt have them daym. Went to Adidas but then realized na wala nang adidas aahahah bwiset. There's a new fila shop but well Im more into adidas ahaha.

Went up and saw them at Wham. Chatted with them and waited for Pat, Ishi and Alden. When they arrived we decided to watch a movie. First they wanted to watch White Chicks, but then for some reason (lucky for me and pat as well) it turned out to be Doll Master. But before the cinema Cat and Mica left the group for some reason.

Well the movie was ok, not really that scary save for about 2 scenes which shocked me. But the gal who played mina was cute. Very doll like hehe, aside from being pretty I guess she had a great make up artist as well.

After the movie Da left. We then decided to eat. We ate at Kitchen. The food was ok, the price was a bit high though. Well at least the pandan ice tea was bottomless... After eating Robin and Pat left ahaha.

We just stayed in gale waiting for Pj's and Angela's ride. WE were seated on the bench talking about some stuff and playing with Alden's frog-like purse ahaha. We then went to Skybowl to waste more time. Pj's ride arrived earlier than Angela's so we had to leave.

On Pj's car, we were just messin around hehe. Kulitan stuff til we arrived at Ishi's place. After ishi left, I was trying to familiarize myself with the streets so that when I drive I'll know some places but I'm not good at that so i lost track hehe.

ANywayz, great day ahaha, just a few more weeks and it's school time again...

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