Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Last Test...

Math test today, this is the last "paper test' for the sem.

Woke up at around 8:00 hehe. Took a bath and headed for ateneo, haha i didn't wake up early. I wanted to wake up early so that I can study oh welpz.

Arrived in ateneoat around 9:00. Met some of my blockmates and reviewed a bit hehe. The test was not that hard, but then it ain't easy either. I guess I got around 120 (over 200) there hehe.

Then we had practice for the play. Just some line reading hehe nothing really happening during the practice. We might not do well if this continues tsk tsk.

It started to rain, I asked Chris to drop me at mcdonalds so that I wouldn't have to walk that far. I was supposed to eat but I got lazy so I just went home.

Please Help me...(Glacial Love)
Ok that link would remain in my posts until I find the gal or I get tired hehe... Whichever comes first.

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