Tuesday, September 07, 2004

That heavy feeling

Was late today ahaha. I guess it was a very bad time to be late since I had a math quiz. Luckily, the quiz was pretty easy so I was able to do it even if I was not early ahhaah.

Got a bit lazy today, so i didnt train for Arpt. Instead I went with kathy, hans, james, barbie, luigi, and anje and we ate at Loyola School of Theology. The food was very cheap there, I had pancit, chicken, rice and refillable sago gulaman for only P40.00 hehe. Kinda far from the rest of the buildings though, but still when I have a 3 hour break haha its pretty ok to walk there.

After eating, I played some basketball with Pat and his blockmates. At the start of the game I was pretty good hehe but I kinda lost my touch at the end hehe. Being the stat conscious person that I am I remember tallying 13 points in 5 out of 16 shooting (3 threes and 2 layips), a few rebounds (maybe 4), 3 steals, and 3 assists wahahah damn im a very statminded guy.

Then came filipino, Had a neat time discussing a poem that I actually voted for wahaha. And then sir announced that there would be a long test on thursday so this time I was really trying to see how to understand poems better hehe.

After Filipino, I went home. I guess I was so tired and sleepy that I immediately fell asleep ahaha. When I woke up, I chatted a bit then read heart of darkness. After reading it, I went online once again. Chatted some more until I realized that I had to study for the Physics Long test tomorrow ahaha. I read the 4 chapters that are in the coverage of the exam and I guess I'd be able to do ok in tomorrow's test.

Thought for the Day:
Hindi ko kaya ang limutin kita, masdan mong lumuluha ang aking mga mata...

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