Sunday, September 12, 2004

New Places, New Faces

Woke up early today, even if it is sunday my day is full damn.

Went to Mcdonalds Katipunan at around 7:30. Ic, Robert and I met there so that we can go to the UP gym to watch the UAAP Volleyball games. Well we left Mcdo at around 8 already and rode a jeep to up. Us not knowing that the 1st Jeep we rode would actually pass UP gym got off too early ahaha. And then rode another Jeep damn.

The players were great. They seem to be floating in air ahaha. We got our "autographs" from the Adamson coach and the FEU coach (they were 2 of the 4 teams that played in the "morning schedule"). So we were set hehe.

I then went home and emailed the new Proposal to arvi. I emailed it since I didnt have a printer so I asked him to print it. Then chatted and played before leaving for araneta (wow, that would take a lot of time) hehe for the Cheerdance Competition.

First, I met up with Ic and we went inside the coliseum together. It aws a great thing that I already got the "expensive tickets" since we didnt have too line up in the very long queue wahaha not like someone I know (wahaha I hope ur readin this). But Even if we were quite early we still were not able to find a seat in the ateneo side.

Well the performances were great. I guess UST and Up really deserved their placing but FEU hmm I liked UE's or Dlsu's acts better hehe. Again I found myself cheering for Admu and Dlsu ahaha but then neither of them got into the top three wahaha.

After that I went to National Bookstore and bought some stuff for school then I headed home. As soon as i reached the house, Karla texted me she said that she was in Ice Monster. So I went there ahaha. Kinda neat to finally meet Karlako. Though I gotta admit, I didnt really imagine her that way wahaha.

Then I went home and this time I stayed ahaha. I just chatted and played some games and read some literature class stuff. haha

I didnt go online since thursday (the two previous posts were backposts) so I dont know exactly when did my layout change. Its neat now ahaha. thanks to James I guess. He didnt tell me he'd edit the layout but I guess his the one responsible since he's the only one who knows the username and the password aside from me of course.

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