Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Im really makin it normal to wake up late during tuesdays and thursdays tsk tsk...

So I arrived around 20 minutes late for my math class. It's a good thing that even if I was late I was still able to understand what was being taught by our professor hehe but being late is really becoming a bad thing that i do tsk tsk.

Had nothing to do in my 3 hour break so I just used the computer in the rsf. I did the revised outline for my english paper and then had it printed. I Then went to the library to sleep.

But when I was in the library I remembered about the Bob Ong books that the library had so I just decided to read them. I started with ABNKKBSNPLK (or sumthin like that). I guess I was able to finish it in about an hour and 10 minutes so I still had some time to read the other book which was Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas. I guess the books were pretty funny since I found myself laughing most of the time hehe. Then I left the books in the table and headed to berchman's for my filipino class.

It was a free cut for filipino hehe. So I just went back to the library to continue reading the book. At first I searched for it in the shelf thinking that the librarian already returned it there but then I found out that it was still place on the table where I left it hehe. I was reading for about 30 minutes when I remembered that I still had ARPT tryouts scheduled at 3 hehe.

So I went to the ARPT range for the tryouts. After paying the P30 for the tryouts I practiced some shots. My practice shots were ok so I just went and started doing the real thing. I guess I was pressured since I wasn't able to get a good rhythm in my shots for the first paper. I guess the second and third papers were the same. So I, seeing the hopelessness of trying out felt lighter. hehe I just tried to have fun in shooting the last 3 papers and I guess it was easier without pressure. hehe the last three papers were a whole lot better than the first 3 ahaha.

Oh well I dont think I would be able to get into the team but then again maybe, just maybe ill get in ahahaha....

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