Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wasted Me...

Shoot of all the days to feel weak and sick its thursday...

I hate it, I suddenly wake up in the middle of my sleep with an aching body. Damn of all the days thursday, if it was wednesday it would have been better since my clas starts at 9:30, but during tuesdays and thursdays its earlier by 30 minutes ahaha.

I came into class about 20 minutes late, Its a good thing that My professor didnt really mind (or at least I hope he doesn't). I guess trouble is starting now since I can't understand the lesssons anymore rarr...

Went to the arpt to shoot. But then the lefthanded pistol was missing so I wasnt able to. So I just went to the cov courts and saw Alden. Alden said that their opponents in the block games thingie would need an extra player. I said I'll fill in but then I remembered I didnt have an extra shirt. So I went to the A-Shop and bought one ahaha.
I didnt get to play that long though ahaha, just about 5 minutes or so, well too bad but then its a block game thing so I guess I should understand.

After that was Filipino. The poem made by Ralph was really good. Im quite amazed at the way that he is able to write poetry hehe.

When I reached the house, I guess I was so wasted because of my illness that I just plopped down on my bed and slept... Hehe now I am obviously awake and is now blogging (nyak)

Thought for the day:
In endless rain I've been walking
Like a poet feeling pain
Trying to find the answers
Trying to hide the tears

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