Friday, September 10, 2004


Yeah the last day of the school week!

I passed my group's proposal for the research paper for english. It was written in just around 20 minutes so I didnt really expect it to be that ok. Then we had some discussions for literature. We tackled Bienvenido Santos for a while. I was kinda hoping that we would talk about The Praying Man since I read that novel in High School for Ms. Ginny's class but well we just talked about it in passing oh welpz.

Then we had physics class. I got the result of my test. I got a 37 out of 50. Not bad for someone who "studied" by writing in blogs and chatting ahaha oh well. Bad luck though, my cd player got wrecked during class damn.
After the lecture we had lab. I guess that was the easiest lab since we were done by 2:00. But I wasnt able to go home early since I still had to wait for the result of the proposal.

The proposal was rejected. It said that there had been too many things said about the topic already oh welpz. So instead of going home I went to the library to search for a new topic.I met Kare, MOoch and Angeline there and we talked about english stuff while searching resources for our respective topics.

After about an hour or so I decided to go home. As Usual I walked to the megatren station. On the station I met Loren and well that's it. Talked with her until we reached Cubao where we had to split since she used the araneta exit while I used the aurora exit which was nearer my house. hehe.

At home I just chatted and played NBA Live 2004. Haha Damn then I slept wahahaa.

Thought for the day (Probably the last thought for the day thing):
Not Looking for a miracle, Just a reason to believe...

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