Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Woah it's just tuesday yet I feel so wasted...

MAth class was ok hehe. I was a bit lazy to take down notes though so I just took pictures of the blackboard with the digicam for future reference wahaha. My prof didnt seem to mind so I guess it's ok wahaha.

After the Class I went to the Arpt to train. I havent practiced since August 31, 2004 so I guess I was so rusty. My hands were trembling so my arm ached easily darn. My shots were all scattered and inconsistent. But I guess that's going to be fixed since Im back in training hehe.

Then Filipino. We had a long test today. I guess I failed the long test since my mind wasnt really in the proper testing mode ahaha. Damn Oh welpz.

Went home right after the class. I wanted to see the Dlsu - Admu Uaap basketball game on tv ahaha. Well the game wasn't a close one hehe since La Salle won by a pretty big margin hehe yeah! Animo La Salle...

Im Quite bored today nothing to do really ahaha oh welpz. I guess I'll just do the math homework.

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