Sunday, September 19, 2004

Ateneo-La Salle Part 3

wahh Sunday, my weekends ending hehe...

I woke up at around 9 30 am. As soon as I woke up I turned on the computer to work on my Filipino Report, I wanted to work on as much stuff as i can before I go to the coliseum and cheer for la salle hehehe. But then I was online during that time and was chatting with some friends so I wasnt really able to work on it that much. Oh welpz..

I was playing Nba Live when I suddenly got a text from the one who had my ticket. She wanted me to meet with her ASAP but I hadn't even taken a bath yet hehe.Luckily my house was just about a 5 minute walk away from the coliseum so I was able to meet her.

Haha I wore a pretty neat shirt. It was a white shirt with a print of a blue eagle with a green background in the middle.haha kinda like a neutral shirt wahahha damn. I was cheering for La Salle during that game though.

Well the game was pretty exciting during the first half. The game was pretty close as the teams just exchanged basket after basket. But the 2nd half was different. La Salle suddenly came alive. Mac Mac Cardona played like an MVP and delivered timely baskets for la salle. I guess the game eneded with la salle being up by 10+ points haha I cant really remember daym.

I liked the La Salle halftime performance. I liked it because it involved 4 La Salle Schools. Namely CSB,DLSZ,DLSU and of course LSGH. The moment I saw the LSGH flag being waved I knew that for this game I was trully La Salle hehe.

Now i'm still workin on the damn filipino paper. It's supposed to be 5 pages long but Im stuck at 4 and 1/3. I cant think of any more ideas and my mind is so damn tired. I need to finish it by today since Im just gonna ask my mom to print it at her office. oh well damn I really need a printer.

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