Friday, September 17, 2004


Yehey it's finally Friday!

Woke up early but then i didnt have the english classes. So I spent the morning playing computer games hehe and then went to school at around 11:00.

I went to the library to do some research. But then I got too lazy so I just picked up a book containing japanese short stories and read them instead. The book was kinda frustrating since the author's style was more on open ended types so i dont really get the ending hehe.

Went to Physics for my first class of the day. Even if it was the first class I was still so bored that I slept ahaha damn. Then we had lab class we were able to finish the experiment in a short time so I had time to play magic ehehe.

I brought my deck and played against Butch. I was able to win in all of our games since my deck already had equipments and stuff and was able to give it the advantage against a deck without it hehe. Oh welpz.

After that i headed for home and wasted my time playing nba live ahaha.

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