Thursday, September 30, 2004

We (err) They are the champions...

YEAHHH! La Salle is the Uaap men's basketball champion.

A great game! With A J Vee (so that is the spelling!) Casio three that gave the Archers the lead and a pair of Mac Cardona Freethrows to ice it. This is the kind of game where both teams deserve to win but this year it goes to La Salle.

Kinda frustrating that they won when Im already studying in Ateneo but still I feel a proud that DLSU won...
I dont know call it Archer Pride, call it rooting for the winner or anything but then I think that even if my school won (ateneo) I wouldn't enjoy it as much as this win. (Damn it would have been a whole lot better if I just wento to UPD rarrr hayy will i ever get over not choosing to go to Upd and Dlsu?)

I dont know, to be honest Im kinda regretting being in Ateneo right now. I know this is stupid since this is just a basketball game but still haha I guess Im still A lasallian at heart. Anywayz Congrats to the Archers.

In Pao Tanquintic's words:
Mabuhay ang mga Luntiang Mamamana!!!

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