Monday, September 27, 2004

The Finals...

I played in the volleyball finals hehe but this finals means final exams ahaha.

English free cut so I came to school a little bit later than usual. I kinda like waking up late. I ate breakfast at mcdo and then I went to ateneo. Then just some lit discussion and Im off to a break.

Physics was just listening to some groups talk for their presentations. I would have slept but then I just decided to stay awake to get some tips on how we would act when our time to present cam (which was wednesday).

Since we didnt have intact anymore, I had 3 hours to burn before the finals. So I joined Khristian, Vanjo, Nikki, Anje and Lace. We ate at mcdonalds and just wasted time talking about stuff hehe. I also played the solitaire game in Khristian's fone and Im kinda addicted to it now ahaha.

We went back to the cov courts to prepare for the games. I played some warm up games with the people there and i think I was pretty ok. But then when the real game time came I sucked. I wasnt able to perform well. Except for some good saves and sets to teammates my game was crap. We played 2 games and ended with a 1-1 record oh welpz.

After that I was supposed to go home but I thought that I should stop by mcdonalds to get a drink and some snacks hehe. But i didnt want my breakfast, lunch and dinner to all come from mcdonalds. So I just went to ministop instead ehehe.

Home and I'm so tired. I guess I'll just for a liitle bit more and then go to sleep.

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