Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Im feeling better as the days pass but I still feel some pain.

I had to wake up early today. Even if I had a free cut for english I had a guidance interview thingie scheduled at 8:30 oh welpz.

As I was going to berchman's for the interview, i heard a song play from somewhere. It was the first time that I heard the national anthem play inside the campus ahaha damn.

The guidance interview was ok, just a few questions about my life at school and at home hehe but for some reason it lasted for an hour hehe.

Went to the caf to buy something for breakfast. I bought a pizza and went to the classroom and ate there. I then realized we had a physics long exam so I studied my notes while waiting for sir remoto's class.

After lit class I went with Ryan,Tracy and Lea. We went to the sec benches. I guess I talked too much with them since I wasnt able to study ahaha.

The long test was ok. I think ill get another 37 over 50 in it oh welpz Im ko as long as I dont get anything lower than 35 hehehe.

Continued the book on japanese short stories after the test. I was reading for about 15 minutes when I got too tired reading. I put down the book and I headed for the covered courts even if it was still pretty early for PE.

I guess the reason I went early was to shoot some hoops. Hehe i got my wish, I was able to play some basketball with some people I dont know ahahaha. Anywayz I didnt play a nice game, I guess im rusty ahaha.

Then volleyball class. I wasn't really in the mood to play during class so I was not chasing the ball. But then after we lost I wanted to play hehe. Played a neat game with some of my other Pe classmates. I was actually able to get in some good spikes and receive some hard hit shots.

After that I headed for home. I was too lazy to do anything so I just played some games. Got nothing to do tomorrow anyway so I'll just rest.

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