Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Frenchtoasts, Fresentations and Free food hehe...

Today was our turn to present the assigned lesson in physics.

I went to school at around 9:30 today even if it was already a free cut in english. I arrived at the classroom and saw Nix and Gino playing some cards. I first highlighted the fourth draft of my feature article essay before I joined them. Hehe I guess playing cards was what we did for an 45 minutes until it was time for our lit class.

It was supposed to be lit class but after waiting for around 15 minutes Sir Remoto did not come so it was a free cut hehe. Damn, I was kinda early today, should have just stayed at home and left later ahaha. So using the free time I went with Gino to the Caf. I tried the french toast and it was pretty ok ahaha, I wanted to mention it since that was my first taste of french toast wahahahaha.

After eating I went to the library to finish "ang paboritong libro ni hudas" by bob ong. I kinda like bob ong's books. He seems like a local version of my favorite author (Robert Fulghum).

Then it was time for the physics presentation. I forgot to tell butch to print some acetates for me so I had to rush one ehehe. Luckily I was able to finish it just in time for our presentation. I guess it was pretty ok. I didnt really choke and I was able to tell my part.

I submitted my portfolio and got my index card at dela costa before going home. Kinda lucky since the delay that happened because of going there enabled me to bump into Micci, Denen amd Alex. This is lucky since Alex was supposed to treat the 2 girls to the Ice Cream Bar at Shakey's. Hehe so I was able to eat some free food ahahaha. Thanks Alex. Kinda cool since I was able to somewhat "bond" with them. I got to know them a little bit better.

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