Saturday, September 04, 2004

Pat's Birthday

September 4 is Pat's Birthday wahaah doink.

Woke up at around 8 am even if its Saturday for the Freshmen GA with the Deans thingie in ateneo. When I was on the megatren I saw IC and we went to Jollibee to eat breakfast first before going to the school.

The GA thing was kinda boring so I wont mention anything about it anymore. hehe

After the Ga I went with PJ and Pat to eat at the Caf hehe Pat then treated us to a chicken wrap and tang hehe. After that we waited for PJ's car and we were off to Gale.

As we were going to Gale we passed by James' house so we decided to pick him up, I guess we stayed for about 20 minutes and then we were really off to the mall.

We met up with Powee in KFC. I guess we arrived just in time since Powee was finishing his food already. We decided we would play billiards in Skybowl but then it was full so we just went to new york new york to play. Hehe we played killers since there were five of us. I guess we spent about an hour playing billiards. Whilie we were playing there was this father and son (well I think they are father and son) who played on the other table. They were both very good pool players. Their shots were tricky but calculated. The more amazing thing is that the son I was talking about was I guess just around 7-8 years old damn.

After billiards we went to Linkshot to play. First we played some CounterStrike hehe. I guess Im still pretty ok ahaha. Then Pat and I played Nba Live while James, PJ and Powee played War Craft 3. Pat and I played 3 games and I lost in all of them damn. Ahaha

After that we went to max to eat. We ate and that's that ahaha

As usual I asked Pj to take me back to my house hehe so a thank you to him. and of course a Thank You and a Happy Birthday to Pat who payed for everything I did today that costed something (except for the breakfast thingie hehe).

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