Monday, September 13, 2004

Notes and Stuff...

Woke up early today hehe. Kinda weird considering its monday and usually I stay in bed when its monday.

On the way to school I stopped at mcdonalds to eat my breakfast since it was still pretty early. I ate as usual sausage mcmuffin ehehee. And then I went to Ateneo already.

I stayed at the CTC benches first since my English Class would be held not in Berchs but in the Library. I talked with some people and then left for the library, I already started taking down notes even if I was not yet sure if the topic was approved but luckily it was so my notes were not wasted hehe. Then from the LIbrary I had to go to Berch for Literature class. It was ok but well kinda boring wahahaha damn.

After that I went to the SEC benches to play some Magic wahaha. I used Robin's Reanimator deck against Pat's Blaster Deck. I won the game because of the Platinum Angel and Lightning Greaves Combo wahaha.

Then Physics. I sat in one of the chairs in the front so I was not able to fall asleep during class. I listened to the lesson and that was when I realized that La Salle Green Hills's physics class did ok in preparing me for college hehe.

I then went to BEL for Intact, I was not really into the class since I was quite bored for some reason ahaha. Oh welpz.

I had a free cut for Pe so I just headed for home. It started to rain hard So I got so wet haha. The rain was strong that it rendered my umbrella useless wahaha.

oh welpz hehe

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