Thursday, September 09, 2004

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Damn Woke up late today daym, I guess I got so accustomed to goin to school for a 9:30 class that I cant adjust when it's tuesdays and thursdays already.

Math was pretty ok. The lessons in the chapter that we are taking up are still quite easy so Im still able to understand. After the class, I didnt go again to the Arpt training since I needed the time to go the library to research my English paper. Stayed there for about an hour until I finally found the books that I was looking for.

It was still pretty early so I went to the cov courts hehe. I saw Billy playing basketball and he asked me to join so that they can play 2 on 2. Well my team lost but I was able to make some pretty nice plays ahahaha.

Because I didnt bring any extra shirt, I was kinda sweaty ahaha. So I went to the library again this time to read and get a little bit dry ahaha. I read wonderful fool by Endo but it's not as appealing to me as naomi. I also read the filipino poem Akong hindi Ako since we were supposed to have a test in fil class but then I wasnt able to understand the poem.

I bought malacca deserts thingie before going to b-avr. It was for 40 bux but it didnt really taste that well hehe. The sago thingie was pretty neat though wahaha.

Filipino was a free cut! That meant no test on the poem that was quite difficult to understand. We just did an evalutaion of the course and our prof which lasted for about 5 minutes wahaah.

After that Chris, Vanjo, Lace, Aidz, Khristian and I got together and decided to eat at ICe Monster. We met Chris' girlfriend there and we talked for about an hour hehe. After that I headed back to ateneo to check if there were still tickets left for the Cheerdance thingie. There was none so I headed for home instead.

First I went to Araneta Coliseum to buy the tickets. The upperbox A tickets sold for 410 pesos each since the ticket costs 110 and then you had to get this 300 peso gift certificate. Oh well even if it was very expensive I got 2 of em ehehe. Ill probably sell the other one to my other pe blockmates who need to watch the show too.

Then I went to Netopia in Farmers to type and Print the thingie for English. I cant believe I actually rented a computer for internet use ahahaha. Oh welpz.

Then got home and downloaded some songs. I was finally able to download the song from the Soap opera heh. I cant find the lyrics though so I guess I'll just listen to it and type the words that I hear. But since im too lazy i guess I'll type it tomorrow awhaha

Thought for the Day:
Bakit kaya ganoon?
Kung sino iyong mahal syang di mo kapiling
Ngayon anog dapat gawin?
Ako'y hirap na, puso'y pagod na
Pagkat nasasaktan lagi
Nabibigo parati
Nadarama kaya niya ito?

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