Thursday, November 18, 2004


Last academic day of the week for us... Hehe since ACP classes tomorrow.

Math was ok. To be honest I wasn't really listening to the class. I changed seats and was talking with Chris and Richmond ahaha. But I think Im still able to grasp the lessons so it's all good.

Then went to the ACTM Sportsfest booth at the Kotska Extension. Was with Yda first until some other members (err officers as well) came. I guess it was ok, not much happened during my shift except for some votes and a few sign ups. It was good meeting some new people though.

After that I went to the library. Bought some cookies from food for thought while on the way there. I saw Micci and she also gave me some beans. The food i ate in the Cr of the library hahaah. Then washed my face, (wash #1) and read a boo. I felt very sleepy so I asked Micci to wake me up when they are going to leave. Hehe I guess I had a very deep sleep even if it was just for 45 minutes.

On the way to Berchman's for Filipino Class we saw our blockmates huddled in the Voting Area for Comtech Cutie. I guess the block really voted big time since Chris suddenly took the lead hehe. Yeah Go Blockmates. Of course the 50 Pesos for Chris Del Rosario from Chris Del Rosario was the clincher wahaha.

Then euric signed up for basketball, so I followed his lead and joined too. I dont know I hope I can play on saturday ahaha.

Filipino class was disappointing since we were not able to watch the movie since the laptops cannot play the cds. James even went back home to bring his laptop but this time the music did not play darn. Oh well sabi nga ni Sir Yol "Shit Happens", at isa pang quotable quote from Sir "Sabi nga ni David Pomeranz : It's as if the powers of the universe conspired para di tayo makapanood ngayon". Hehe Yeah Boi!

After that we went back to the Kotska Extension to vote for Chris Again hehe. After that we talked about where we were goin after. hehe we decided to go to eastwood early and watch a movie before the ACTM party. We also saw sir Morano hehe. We also someone wearin her pants too low... crissy talked to her about it naman so it's ok na hehe.

The ride with Khristian to eastwood was very funny, haha Khristian's stories, and story telling methods are really hillarious. When we were in eastwood we decided not to watch a movie, we were waiting in the cinema lobby since there were sofas there ahaha. While waiting I washed my face again (haha 2nd wash). Then Vanjo had to go to Ua&P so we accompanied him then decided to take a walk. We saw this really cute Winnie the Pooh toy in Toy Works ahaha. I wonder what the store staff thought of us, Since there were 5 of us Nikki, Khristian, Lace, Aidz and I, playing with the toy for 3 year olds ahaha. Not to mention we went back to it later pa ahahaha.
We ate at mcdonalds. hehe twister fries are back. Kinda expensive though. Khristian and I had a lot of fun with the Happy meal toys hehehe damn bumabalik na ata ako sa pagkabata.

Then we stayed in front of the Big Kahuna, We were a pretty big group already with Euric, Khristian, Vanjo, Me, Lace, Aidz, Nikki, Kathy and Rhea ahaha. After a while we just went up and waited there. Upstairs Michelle also joined the block.

We then caught our first glimpse of Chris ahaha. Damn HE looked BEAUTIFUL. Haha. He could win in both the Male and Female Categories of the Comtech Cuties Contest ahahaha.

When we were let in, I realized just how supportive the block can be. There were 15 of us from the block who went there namely Aidz, Lace, Michelle, Nikki, Anje, Barbie, Rhea, Kathy, Jace, Vanjo, Euric, Me, Miah, Chino and Khristian (and Miah's friend Berto and Chris' Gf Lalaine too), cheering wildly for Chris during his walk ahaha. The whole block actually occupied a whole table ahaha.

The performances were all good, hehe. Chris also won as Comtech Cutie (err for the male division ahaha) Yeah!.And after that fraggy sang. Haha feel ko wala na lahat ng respeto ko kay fraggy sa pagkantang yun. Haha just kidding Fraggy Rocks!!!

I had to leave since Miah wanted to go home already at makikisabay lang ako so there. haha Damn I really want to Drive.

At home I didnt really do anything (except for this blog) I guess, i was so tired of the days activity since I slept late (cause of talking with Shieko til around 1:40) and waking up early ahaha (for school).

Wow haven't posted something this long in a while, I guess I really enjoyed all the happenings today. Hehe from 12 am to 11:57pm. haha It's as if the powers of the Universe conspired to make me happy today... thanks!

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