Thursday, November 25, 2004

monday thursday

I hate this ahaha

At around 7:20 in the morning, the first school thing i did was take a math test. Actually it wasn't that hard, but it ain't easy either, oh welll. I guess added hassle to the test was the time. I was also about to use my cd player, but it suddenly stopped working damn.

Since it was Monday-Wednesday schedule today, I had only an hour break after math. But Ma'm Sideco gave us a free cut for english so it became 2 hours. I used it to go to the rsf to do some research for our ES Group. I went up for lit but surprise(?) free cut din damn, dapat tinuloy tuloy ko na lang yung time ko sa com lab.

Nikki and I then went to Moro Lorenzo to take a look at the gym rates. Ahaha I don't think I'll go there regularly so I decided not to become a member. After that we went to the High School caf to buy some fries, but it was already sold out ahaha damn.

Then I went to the library to sleep. I was supposed to sleep but then I was able to fix the Discman, hehe there was just a loose part that blocked the lens hehe. Since I was able to fix it, I had something to listen to so I didn't sleep.

Then went to the caf to meet up with some orgmates about the Bazaar on saturday. I signed up for the shifts then rushed to my Pe 101 class.

After an uneventful Pe 101 class, I had to meet again with some actm people. But on the way out I met Jess and Dentzen so I decided to shoot some hoops with them hehe. After that I realized that I was already late for the meeting haha darn.

At the meeting all I did was staple, cut, and write some price tags thingies. Ahaha damn ang engot ko magsulat at gumupit wahaha. Ang kulit pa nung katabi ko parang mauubos ang english na alam ko wahahaha. (Khristian hahaha dictionary natin hahahah).

After that Uwian na...

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