Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just a few more days...

Nothing again...

Math was boring, Kinda surprised though that Sir Muga knows my face and last name already damn. hehe But then I wasn't really listening to the lecture. Just imagine 1 problem for the whole hour and 30 ahaha that is really boring. Haha So boring that Richmond and I were already formulating all star line ups for the nba all star game hehe (tomorrow rookie game naman hehe) and Krizia was engrossed at reading the vandalized stuff on her table.

After math, I went and watered my plant. Hehe It looks a whole lot better now. More plants have come out of the seeds ahaha. Yeah! I'm not gonna fail Es after all.

After watering the plants Chris and I went to Starbucks. We were waiting for Lalaine (his Gf). When Lalaine came (with Farah) we played some cards ahaha. I was on a losing streak at one point but Luckily I was able to arrest the skid. hehe By the way the Toffee nut Frap tastes ok, hehe not that great but it ain't bad either.

After the MC girls left, Chris and i remained in Starbucks to read the filipino assignment. hehe Oh well I read but I didn't really grasp the meaning of the things written on the book hehehe.

Before going to the classroom Chris and I ordered food from Jolibee. hehe we said it was "to go" so that we can eat it in the classroom while in our Filipino Class.

We had a test of some sorts in Fil Class. it was a good thing I read the book even if the test was open notes ahaha darn/

After Fil, I went to the Ctc lab to get the specs by james. I retrieved the list in school so that I wouldnt have to go down at Cubao station and instead go directly to Gilmore.

In gilmore I wento to Pcx to check the price of the computer. Hehe turns out it's 100 pesos cheaper than the projected price. Of course the printer is not yet included in it ahaha. Not to mention the computer table. Just some problems with the casing and the motherboard haha oh well James would handle those ahaha.

At home, I just watched some tv and then slept. I woke up from a text about a meeting. I wasn't able to learn about it earlier since I checked my email yesterday early (around 5:00) and the notice came at around 6 oh welpz, I guess I should transfer important messages to my yahoo account so that I'll be notified when i have mail.

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