Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Defend Yourself...

Spent most of the day in Ateneo damn...

7:30 for math. I actually made it on time ahaha. Yeah. I Should Really get up early now, I guess the long break affected my body clock a bit ahha. Anywayz, we had this darn quiz in math where I think I got a 3 damn.

Watered my plant for Es, I didn't really see any improvements but at least it's still alive. I really wish some of the other seeds start growing. Hehe I have some backup plants here in my house ahaha just in case di ba?

Then Spent the break watching rychus do some ambigrams on the board and doin my math stuff but still di ko magawa.

Then went to the library to read some japanese stories. Hehe cool book.Some stories were kinda lengthy though.

Then Es time, Usual stuff, recitation, at the end of the class I finally asked for a seat transfer to the middle ahahaha.

Then Chris and I went to Starbucks para magpalamig. Saw Melo and yun said Hi, Siguro mga 20 minutes lang kami sa starbucks since may class kami ng 2:00.

WEnt back to the lib to continue reading the book. I guess I stayed there until 4 15. Hehe I wanted to stay longer but I still had to go to acp.

The acp thingie was ok. Some good tips on defending myself especially when I commute (which I often do). Kaso ewan there seems to be somethin lacking ahaha ewan.

Medyo sabog na ako hassle na buhay to.

I NEED YOUR LOVE 'CAUSE I'M ON FIRE! wala lang galing sa initial d

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