Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The second sem

Wahh slept at around 4:00 na wahahaha...

Damn had to wake up at 6:00 so that I can take a bath early. Though my class is scheduled at 7:30 there are a lot of people here and only one bathroom. Ahaha. After the bath, I didnt dress up right away and instead burned a cd ahaha.

Was nearly late since I waited for the train for about 11 minutes ahaha. Then met Kams on the way up. Passed by Jollibee and bought a large dalandan juice. 25 pesos for that damn. Rode a trike to the overpass since Im gonna be late if i walk or wait for aahaha.

The teacher in math was ok, he seems friendly enough ahaha. I need a book though, so I guess I'll get one tomorrow. The english and lit were same ahaha. Lit seemed a bit "funner" ahaha I guess Sir Remoto really likes to teach this subject. Then ES, neat group, neat class, neat teacher ahaha darn plant. Pe was free-cut so uwian na.

Miah passed by my house to borrow the Nba Live 2005 cd's ehehe. I lent it to him, since I can't play it in this computer anyway.

After some chatting, I slept, I guess, I needed sleep since I had very little of it this morning.

Then woke up, took a bath and chatted again ahaha.

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