Saturday, November 20, 2004

ACTM All Stars

Had no classes today but still went to Ateneo for the Sportsfest.

Went to the cov courts at around 11. Since we can't set up yet (there were still some Milo Best thingies), we just talked about some stuff hehe.

At around 12, i guess we were finally able to hang some banners. we had some trouble with the big Actm Sportfest banner pero ok na rin nasabit pa rin naman after some effort by Euric hehe. After that Shootaround na, tapos game time.

Basketball First game was against the Juniors. At first we were able to keep up with them,. even taking an 8 point lead at one point but it didn't last. Hehe Natalo kami sa three point shooting at fastbreaks nung kalaban. Pero oh well at least meron akong 1 Block ahaha. Got that after I went for the ball when someone shot while I was behind him ahaha. Ayos eh Solid! We eventually lost, but we didn't give up easily hehe. Chino was able to connect on four straight threes in one stretch but yun nga it ain't enough.

Since there were only 11 freshmen who atteneded, kami na rin ang naglaro sa volleyball. Because of Rules 3 on 6 lang dapat since mixed vball dapat pero naawa sila kaya ginawang 4 on 6. We won the first set but eventually lost the game ehehe.

After that battle for third sa basketball. For some reason biglang umuwi si Chino and some others. So 7 na lang ang freshmen basketball (+1 kasama si Ailish para lahat na ng freshmen). Tapos naglaro pa si gino at yung isa pang player namin ng badminton (wala nga kaming representatives). So we played with exactly 5 players. Ahaha damn nung game na to nagkakalat ako except for some neat stops on defense wala na. Ayun talo kami 29 points bwiset.

Then just watched the remaining games. Euric won the cockfight thingie so at last may panalo kami hehehe. Then the finals of the Basketball event na. Great match, the game even went into Overtime hehe, Bigla akong bumilib kay Uichico ahaha, kahit na hindi gaanong nagagamit sa Uaap ang lupit pala niya maging "take charge guy" (yung maglelead bahindi yung taga harang sa offensive foul) sa mga games.

After that eating contest for girls. It's a good thing that Ailish didn't eat her donuts since napunta sa amin hehehehe. Kaso while eating bigla akong nabasa wahaha bwiset na surprise yan basaan pala hehehe. Ok lang ligtas naman ako, comparing myslef to Chochay hmm para akong nanggaling sa isang mainit na desert. Haha astig sabi nga nung isang actm member pwede na nga siyang makicontest sa mga wet t-shirt thingies.

After that talk and stuff na lang. Then we played 21, hindi pa nga nakukuha yung stroke ko pinatayan na kami ng ilaw ahaha bad3p! After that uwian na!

Now Im thinking of a topic for my english paper. hahaha Meron na ako naisip pero tinatamad ako itype sa word.

Btw. Im Hopin na bilhin na ng dad ko yung pc tomorrow ahahaah damn!

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