Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bazaar Day 1

Eagles of Hope Christmas Bazaar Day 1

Flashback to yesterday: Although my shift was still at 5:00 pm, I set my alarm at 7:30 so that I can Watch Dinndinn's game at the blue eagle gym...

Woke up at 6:00 am, somethin's wrong...

I woke up because the cover of my Cd player snapped off. It snapped off because I slept on top of it damn... Oh well, It was already wrecked but this time it's destroyed ahaha. It still works though, as long as you have rubber bands to keep the lid on ehehe.

Then took a bath, got dressed, and headed for the game. By the way, remember the joggin pants yesterday? turns out it was cheap cause the pockes are weak. They easily tear. It's still ok though, there's always needle and thread hehe.

Watched Dinn's game. Corny lang since tambakan pero nice na rin. Scary moment nung nagbounce yung Head ni dinn sa floor ouch. Oh well she came back naman and played so ok pa din siguro si Dinn. Anyways kinda cool to cheer for the Geen and White again. Mas malupit yung pagkanta ng Alma Mater song! By the way nasira yung shades ko on the way to the blue eagle gym hassle!

After the game, isang simpleng hi at congratulations lang kay dinn, tapos alis na.

Then visited the Actm booth, masyado silang marami dun ahaha. Said Hi and left, as i said 5 pm pa ang shift ko!

Called Ria on the way to the mrt, hehe kulit kausap ko siya from ateneo to megatren ahaha Ubos load ba ehehe. Ang tinis nung boses ni Ria nakakaaliw.

Then at home, I was surprised to see my Dad, So sumama na ako sa kanya, hehe bought new shades ayos! ahaha Bought a new bag too! Hehehe this is cool.

Went back to ateneo for my shifts, Same as a while ago andami pa ring tao, onti lang naabutan ko na bumili eh so hindi pa masyado hectic pero hassle pa din

Left there at around 8:00, hehe pagkatapos kong kainin yung tirang food ni Bianca ehehe (grabe ang bagal niya kumain). Actually overtime ako pero sabi nga nila mas ok na yung overtime na walang ginagawa kaysa yung undertime ahahaa na wala ring ginagawa. In short wala akong ginawa wahaha

Anywayz, yun lang yung araw ko ehehe...

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