Monday, November 15, 2004


Haven't Blogged Since thursday, kinda weird since I ain't really busy hehe just lazy I guess...

I had to bring a plant for es. Kinda hard lugging around a pot with soil.

We had a free cut in lit so I had two hours as a break, I wanted to go out but the plant was kinda distracting so I just stayed in the ctc com lab.

ES finally came and I was able to plant seeds and leave the pot in the Greenhouse Yeah ahaha. Lab was finished quite early so I went with Chris to starbucks to meet his girlfriend. We submitted some es requirements to Ms. Unso's Pigeonhole on the way, damn ang layo pala nun... well actually hindi naman pero hindi siya malapit.

Sa starbucks kulitan lang. Had a fun time trying to figure out how to get Lalaine's sun sim card to work. It was raining outside so it was good that I stayed with them.

Almost used the whole day chatting. I did go out for a while to buy some stuff and saw NFSU 2 but then just as the first one didn't work on my system, hehe ayaw din gumana damn!

Got frustrated with things not workin on my p that I backed up my files and prepared to format.

Went to mass and then bought some additional blank cd's Im really serious about formatting now. Called James and asked how to format ahaha damn I forgot it already. Then talked with james about stuff until boom wala nang laman ang pc ko... that was around 5:30

Spent the next 7 hours of the day (and today) recovering some lost programs and stuff. I guess it did good since my computer has more space now and has updated programs. Kinda shitty that I lost some logs of chats though darn. I forgot to back those up.

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