Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Random Thoughts...

Some Random thoughts and questions:

* How would you know if you've fallen in love with the person already?
* "I Turn to Radio On, I Turn the Radio up and someone was singing my song" <- how often have I said that the song playing on the radio is my story...
* Is it possible to fall trully in love with more than one person?
* Why am I so damn mushy today?
* What is it with Chinitas,athletic type or sporty girls that makes me go crazy?
* If I die today, would anyone that isn't related to me cry?
* Why do I live a fucked up life yet feel somewhat happy?
* Glacial Love...
* Why Have I not Sleeped Yet?
* "Feels like I took my last step, And my last breath in my life..." haha wala lang ang saya nito sa without you ni Charlie Wilson
* Bakit ang bait ni ______ sa akin?
* Malabo si ______ (different from above blank) pero aliw siya.
* "I Sing Without You" (Wala lang tumunog "X Japan - Longing" sa winamp eh)
* Where Can I download Ntwine's Hope It's You?
* How long until my hair goes back to it's long (sunod sa galaw ahaha) form?
* Have I Actually Ever Loved A person?
* If You Were Here with me
* I still understand Math 19
* Because of her, I've began asking myself if im ready for a relationship
* Lyndon Gregorio and Bob Ong are the Filipino Versions of Robert Fulghum.

Glacial Love
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