Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me...

Today is My Birthday ahaha...

The day wasn't very exciting though. Actually it was quite boring ehehehe.

I woke up at around 8:50am hehe. I just washed my face, and then went to the computer to chat. I guess I chatted til around 11:30 hehe downloading stuff as well.

Yehey, I was finally able to download the Laban maskman song eheheh! I also downloaded the Mask Rider Black opening theme.

Then i realized that there was somethin wrong with my OS. So i had to reinstall the windows 98 ehehe. damn. I'm wating for the new computer...

Took a bath and after that I slept ahaha. I guess I was sleeping for about 2 hours.I shouldn't have done that though. I got an early class tomorrow (7:30am) and I don't think I'm accustomed to waking up early since My earliest class last sem was at 9:00am damn.

Then I played some playstation ahaha. It was fun playing chocobo racing hehe. Then watched what might be the final episode of Hungry Heart ahaha good thing I watched today.

We then went to Dencio's to eat. My sister and aunt weren't able to join us since my sister had a practice session in skating and my aunt accompanied her. Hehe great food. They really have one of the best sisigs I have tasted.

Back at home, I played PS, chatted and then watched 2 fast, 2 furious. hehe

And that was how I celebrated my birthday and the last day of my sembreak.

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