Monday, November 01, 2004


We went to Antipolo early yesterday and stayed there till today afternnon so no blogs for yesterday ehehe.

So here's what happened Yesterday:

WEnt to antipolo early, I guess at around 9:00 am hehe that's early if you woke up at 8:30 ahahaha damn. There was a halloween party thingie but I wasn't really to keen on attending hehehe. I had nothing to do in Antipolo so I tried playing the playstation that was not fully functional. I was able to make it run using scotch tape ahahaha damn.

I guess I spent my day just watching tv, playing dance revolution and reading some reader's digest mags ahaha damn wasted day. Oh yeah while I was watching tv, I scanned and saw women's high school basketball. DLSZ vs St.Scho. The game was easily won by Dlsz. Anywayz, a certain player for dlsz caught my eyes (#10,Yamamoto). I remebered chatting with her sa irc ahahaha, anywayz I guess Ill friendster message a congratulations to her.


Went down from antipolo. I packed the playstation in my bag, im gonna ask someone to fix it. We went down around lunch time so we stopped at Gloria Maris in Araneta for lunch. After eating I asked dad if I could drive the car home. He allowed. I guess it was ok, except for the part when I was going to enter the car into the garage. I hit the gate. Now the right sidemirror has green streaks on it damn. Good thing it's only the sidemirror that hit.

I continued converting mp3s and even backing them up already hahaha. Ok Now Im just waiting for my bday to come :P

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