Thursday, November 04, 2004


Damn i needed to wake up early again ahaha kaasar na tong early morning class...

When I arrived in the classroom I borrowed Hans' math book to read the reading assignment. It was lucky i did that since there was a quiz in math. Ahaah thanks to hans i was able to get a good score.

Most of the class went to the ORP to buy the book. Unfortunately it was out of stock already. So I borrowed Hans' book again and went to Kotska to get it photocopied. I guess it took about an hour but since some of my blockmates where there waiting for the book (they would like to photocopy it cheaper in a shop outside ateneo) I had some company.

When it was finished, we went out to copy trade. they went to have the book copied while i went to get the book we were leaving I bought a ticket for actms raffle thingie. I got a chance to win a tv or a cam and I got a ballpen.

There we found out that it was actually more expensive to have it copied outside ahaha. Copy Trade didn't have ring binding machine so I went to the other shop to have it bound. After that we went to Tapa King to eat ahaha. It had been a long time since I tasted Tapa King food and i think it was nice. Just a bit too oily though.
Aidz, Vanjo, Hans, Barbie and I went back to Copy Trade. We then found out that they have not yet finished the book even if nearly an hour had passed hehe damn. Since it was just 11:00 am and our class was at 12:00 we decided to wait for it.

But they were still not able to finish it when it was 11:45 already so they decided to leave it and come back after classes.

The filipino class was great. The professor seemed like a fun guy. hehe If you require the class to have "artista" notebooks and have an email address of then that's saying something ehehe.

After class I checked the second hand books area at kotska for the likha books. But they were not availabe so I left for the cov courts. On the way I saw Miah, Rica and Ralph so I just chatted with them first.

After that I went to the covered courts to play some basketball. It was just a shoot around (I haven't warmed up or even changed clothes) when I went up for a rebound and jammed my finger on the ball ahaha damn. I had not even taken a shot yet and I'm already injured ahaha. But during the time I was at the courts it didn't hurt that much, I was even able to put in a few good shots and layups with that finger ahaha little did I know that it would hurt me big time.

When I was at home I realized that it hurt more than I initially thought ahaha. Damn Im even having a hard time typing this blog hahaha damn damn damn.

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