Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Math exams!!!

Today I had an exam in math...

I guess I was pretty nervous goin' to school since I didnt really study last night. Luckily I saw Mich's friend who had already taken her long test so I borrowed her test and studied haha... The test was easy but I guess I flunked the test, My mind wasn't really working well, and aslo the truth that I didnt study enough. Oh well I hope I get effort points or something like that.

After the test it was off to shooting practice, Damn I can't control my hand when Im standing I guess I need to improve my left arm's strength. I was hitting pretty ok during the bench shots so maybe it really is the arm problem.

After that we played some basketball and then class was next hehe.

Ok, I guess that's all for today...

Thought for the day:
I LOVE Math,  but Math HATES me!

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