Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Tuesdays, for some reason I like tuesday scheds hehe

We had math, I was still able to understand the math lessons which is always a good sign hehe, but i did have to trouble with the group work thingie. oh welpz

Then Anje and I went to the Arpt building. She went to fix her sched and I went to ask if my status was ok, well my status was fixed so I can now take part in the training thingie.

During lunch time, I couldnt resist the urge to shoot some hoops so even if i didnt have any extra shirt I still went and played hehe.

Then we had filipino class. We had a somewhat scary moment in class. when the prof suddenly snapped at one of my blockmates for her joke oh well, but overall I guess the class was pretty ok...

Then After filipino we went down to the ARPT building to shoot. At first I sucked at hitting the target, but my last 10 or so shots were already hitting the mark so I guess I was able to adjust pretty well.

Thought fot the day:
Ikaw ang aking bitwin sa langit...
(nakikita ngunit hindi ko maaabot kailanman)

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