Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dear Boys

Ahh thursdays haha I like thursdays since I only have two subjects and both of those subjects are great.

Had a fun maath, we were  joking around with our teacher but we are learning hehe (well at least I hope we are learning). I guess it's the same with my filipino subject. The teacher is nice as long as you dont piss him off.

I guess I've pretty much formed my schedule for tuesdays,thursdays. At 11:00-12:00 I go to the shooting range, hehe. I saw a pretty familiar name when I was there I guess I came across it during one of my tests in dlsu oh well hehe. I also met a new friend hehe he was the guy shooting beside me hehe I guess its because we were able to talk about our difficulties in handling our respective guns that we were able to get along. and at 12:00 - 1:00, I play basketball with pat and friends hehe, during today's game i had a difficult time, hehe i wasnt able to play well, and caused a lot of turnovers for my team haha oh well...

1:30-3:00 is class hours for me. And 3:00-onwards is play time hehe. I go back to the cov courts to shoot some hoops. Had a whole court game and I guess I played pretty well, haha my confidence is way up now because of that game hehehe.

When I reached home, I started watching pat's copies of the anime dear boys, haha it was pretty cool since it is  an anime that deals with basketball, hehee I guess it's like an updated version of the slam dunk series hehe oh well this anime is really gettting me excited so that's all for now...

Thought for the day:
Gonna get you, I'm your space boy

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