Thursday, July 29, 2004


Half day for me today. There was an academic convocation so classes from 1:30 to 6:00 were suspended.

When I was about to use the megatren to go to school, I got some bad news, they said that the train was not working so I had to wait. Thinking that it would take a long time to fix, I went back home to ask how to go to Ateneo without using the train. My Aunt said that I should ride a jeepney so I decided to do that. As I was walking to the jeepney station, I checked on the megatren and saw that it was fixed already so I just went and rode it instead of the jeep.

When I was in math class, dor some reason I was noisier than usual. I was even joking with my teacher and other members of the class who I am not really that close to. At least by doing that, Math 11 seems to become easier and the 1 hour and 30 minute class seems to shorten.

After math, Kathy, Rhea, Barbie, James, Hans, Luigi and I decided to eat out since most of us had things to do in school after lunch anyway. We went to Shakey's to eat. The fun part of the meal was when Barbie, Kathy and Rhea went to the ice cream bar. I had a lot of fun looking at them trying to pile more and more ice cream and toppings on the cup so that they would be able to maximize the price that they paid for it.

After eating we all headed to the library since Barbie wanted to finish her lesson plan and I had to be at the lib steps for the ride going to greenhills west for the celadon tryouts. 10 minutes before the agreed meeting time, I asked hans to accompany me to the steps since I didnt want to be like a loner there. Hans was nice enough to oblige and then we talked a bit until I was able to find the people who I am going to hitch a ride with.

During the tryouts, I was performing well in the shootaround, I was in rhytm so I felt a little confident. I was also quite happy to know that I wouldnt be going against 6 foot point guards and that even if im the smallest. Then we started the drills, luckily i was able to hit the easy lay up shots, haha even if they are easy, i was just able to elarn them a few months ago. Then a 3 on 3 scrimmage was done. We lost the game, but I was able to make some nifty passes and some nice shots. I guess I wont make the team but at least I was able to play a game, and meet some new people.

Thought for the day:
Lonely Love

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