Friday, July 16, 2004


Finally it's friday...

English was a success. Although I became a freeloader of the group for our presentation, I guess we were able to pull through, huge thanks to my groupmates, and I promise that I would help in other future tasks if there would still be...

after the lit and physics subjects, I was kinda excited to go to the celadon ga. But before that, Pat texted me and said that we should go to moro for the adidas sale. hehe so i went there,

At the sale, I saw the shirt design that I was looking for, I was kinda hopeful already but then found out that there was no smaller size darn oh well.

We went to the colayco pavillion and waited for th start of the GA. It started kinda late (i think) and I had to leave early so I wasnt really able to grasp the whole ga "experience" hehe oh well so much for excitement ahaha darn.

I was supposed to go to galle but I guess I became lazy so i didnt go anymore hehe

Thought for the Day:
"I Wish You Were Here..."

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