Friday, July 23, 2004

Soaking Wet

Thank God it's Friday

Pretty routine friday, hehe english and lit were good, physics lecture was boring and physics lab was nice, hehe. The physics lecture is making me a bit nervous. Since I get bored during the class, I end up falling asleep, so I'm missing out some notes. But I guess if i study the book i wont be missin much so I guess I gotta go read that book.

After the physics lab, I was supposed to head home to change before I go to galle for Pj's treat thingie. But then rain fell so hard that it was difficult for me to go to the caf from sec a. hehe then some of Pj's friends helped us by sharing their umbrellas unfortunately the rain was too strong so I ended up getting wet anyway hehe.

When it wasnt raining that hard anymore, I decided to commute and go home. When I was at the gate, I saw that the stairs of the overpass was flooded already hehe. While I was thinking about how to cross the road, Someone called my name and I saw Elise hehe we chatted a bit and after that it was back to thinkin about the road problem hehe. I solved it by deciding to cross on the farther end of the street instead of the usual overpass.

After a quick bath, I headed for gale using the Mrt. hehe its been a while since i last did it so I was kinda nostalgic when I rode it hehe. This route used to be pretty routine for me when I was still studying at lsgh hha oh well.

When I was at galle, I saw Anj, James, Da, and Alden. We went to Ice monster to sit and there talked about some stuff. After a while I saw Sha with some friends in the opposite table hehe, after a hi hehe I resumed talking to james. Then robin arrived but still no sign of pj and pat, haha since it was around 7:48 already we just decided to cancel the movie thingie. Finally Pj and Pat arrived hehe. And when they arrived we just decided to eat at pancake house.
After eating it was already around 10 so there wasnt much to do except go home. As usual I asked Pj to give me a ride and he agreed. We had fun on the way home since everyone was joking about things and such hehe oh well...

Thanks everyone (especially PJ) for a great evening.

Thought for the day:
I'm in love and I don't care...

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