Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Guidance Test Part II

It was supposed to be a normal Wedenesday but I had to take the guidance testing part II.

I didnt know there was a guidance test later in the afternoon when I came to school today. Luckily some blockmates informed me about it so I was able to take it.

During the morning we had our English test, It was pretty ok since it was a test by partners. Lucky for me, my partner was good so he did most of the work hehe. Then Lit, We had a free cut for lit hehe a lucky day,

Then We had physics, Well what else can I say? It's still boring, Haha i guess its because of the teaching style or maybe i just lack the needed interest for the lesson.

After physics we were supposed to have our pe but it was another free cut, so i just spent it playing volleyball and basketball haha. So I still wasnt able to rest.

Then the guidance test, well it sucks since it consisted of around 450-500 questions and it was all true or false, which really hurts the eyes hehehe.

When I was going home, I saw Bea and Ape, hehe i chatted a bit with them and then headed for home...

Thought for the day:
Your love is so sweet,
so real and sincere

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