Sunday, July 18, 2004

Grandfather's House

We left the house to go to my grandfather's house for the "babang luksa" thingie.

Had nothing to do there except eat and read. I even brought the physics textbook since I knew that i won't be able to do anything there. Since I was bored, I asked my dad to accompany me in driving the car. Well, I SUCK at it big time, hehe I guess it's because I don't have practice anymore, I was ok in straight driving but when it comes to tackling corners hehe, my dad says that I have too much speed haha oh well.

When we arrived at our house. A taxi was blocking the driveway. It was there for so long that we decided to call the barangay office about it. When they arrived, they opened the car and saw that the keys were inside, So they decided to bring the car to camp crame i guess for further investigation.

I was watching the Uaap games and La Salle won over Feu YEAH!

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