Saturday, December 11, 2004

House Building

First NSTP thingie today...

It was supposed to be just an orientation but then we worked. Just stood in a line and passed a bucket of cement. It was ok at first but it suddenly got heavy during the latter parts. Maybe I just got tired.

My hand is so dry. Maybe the cement has got to do something with it. A small amount also entered my fingernails, it's kinda lodged in there and I can't remove it since I just cut my nails earlier. Oh well

It's ok to build houses. At least it's not something that would benefit the families for a long term. It's not just a one shot deal thingie. But then Im not so sure about it also. I guess wala kasi yung parang hope for continuity or sumthin parang after this tapos na, nakagawa kami ng bahay, nakapasa kami ng nstp, tapos ano na? I dont know pero right now Im really searchin for ways para mas maging involved sa mga ganitong bagay. Para at least kahit lang sa sarili ko may silbi ang Nstp.

Knockout. In four rounds Manny Pacquiao showed how good he is.

ay onga pala salamat, I really appreciate everything na ginagawa mo for me. Mga puyatan sessioons, pagiging open sa isa't isa and everythin. Ahaha di ko lang napapakita sa iyo pero talagang inaapreciate ko yun

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